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Introducing our sourdough bread subscription featuring our house sourdough and multiple flavors

How does it work?

Our sourdough subscription is the best way to guarantee that you'll get some of our bread when you want it. Every month, we will release a new menu of house and flavored sourdoughs. You subscribe by paying early and locking in your order.

What do I get?

  • ONE loaf of fresh, handmade sourdough every week you subscribe 
  • A small discount on your bread!
  • Access to subscribe for the next month early
  • Exclusive bread subscriber status 😎

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We love bread!

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We're a bakery and flower shop located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In the spring, summer, and fall we sell flowers grown in our backyard. All year long we're selling delicious baked goods on a monthly bases, sometimes more, sometimes less just depending how we feel. Menus drop on social media and the website opens up for ordering.