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This week's Menu

friday, April 26

The menu will be available during the pre-orders phase, then pickup will be the following Friday. Pickups are located in the Creston Neighborhood of Grand Rapids, MI as well as Brighton, MI.



Sunday, Apr 21

@ 8 pm –

Tuesday, Apr 23

@ 10 pm



Friday, Apr 26

8 am - 8 pm




Sunday, Apr 14

@ 8 pm

Wednesday, Apr 16

@ 10 pm



Saturday, Apr 20

11 aM - 2 pm

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Pickup info for this menu:

TODAY! As soon as your order is ready Today

Typically within 10 mins of ordering

Ordering and Pickup

What do i do?

  1. Pre-order your treats when the menu goes live.

  2. Once you place your order, you will receive an email with pickup instructions, time, and location.

  3. Typically, on the Friday after your order (or if otherwise specified), head to the address from the email between the pickup windows.

  4. Walk up to the bright yellow cabinet (pictured) and use the cabinet doors, or drawers, to find your order. Each order will be placed in alphabetical order based on last name.

  5. If you'd like you can message us to let us know you got your treats and that you absolutely love them.

  6. Review the items you purchased using the Our Products page